There is always a chance something may fall off a plate…we don’t have to know WHAT it is..just that it is…and this not knowing what is going to fall or if it is going to fall is part of the joy of anticipation..dogs know this only to well……….

First Impressions and a new life

This is the first time Forrest and Doc saw their new was my 50th birthday too. It was a three hour trip me with the boys and the four girls in their cages..Hubby in the truck with some of our worldly goods…and all the animals things..He would trek back and forth and get the […]


I spent some time laying on the porch yesterday with my doggies, I was watching Forrest as he lay there face on his front paws just watching the bush and waiting for any signs of activity. A rabbit or perhaps a Kangaroo.. there was nothing and as he lay there I took advantage of his […]