I seem to mutter to myself on a regular basis.. who knows if this is a sign of age or just a peculiarity that I have.

I have always tried to observe the world around me even as a young  child I felt a bit different to the other kids..I felt a bit older a bit more ….well not wise that sounds obnoxious ..but just a little more observant.

I spent most of my time indulging my love of nature…snails worms crickets ..climbing trees, spending hours looking at clouds or digging in the earth.

Naturally I assumed I would be an astronaut or an archaeologist …and just as naturally I failed to be either.

A dysfunctional home life is a fantastic breeding ground for imagination and wonder…I had such a childhood.. fractured and fraught with yelling and hitting my child’s mind found a world that I could shape and make into my own…. this world had colour and fantasy I was welcome in my own world in fact I was in charge.

I have used this imagination my entire life ..I have found the joy in simple things I have made my world a place where everything has a personality.. nothing is without a lesson to teach me or a gift for me to receive …this of course has also led to a certain level of sarcasm…yes it is said it is the lowest form of wit.. but I have found that usually this statement comes from those who cannot appreciate it’s subtlety.

And so I am here..I have two other Blogs…one heavily based on my precious pets and their desire to have a forum…the other blog is about the nature around me and other photo opportunities I come upon.

In this Blog I think I want to be mainly adding my observations or mutterings…I hope I have some words of worth…and that I can share my world the way I live it and have lived it for 50 plus years.

You told me I should so I am Pandy..love you miss you


10 thoughts on “About

  1. I know about dysfunctional families as well and yes, imagination and nature does keep you going and it makes you appreciate everything more. Lovely blog you have here Bev. 😀 *hugs*

  2. I can relate to the dysfunctional home too, fozziemum. Still working on the pieces that left their scars, but I found always pleasure and peace in animals and nature. I already love your new blog. I’ll subscribe straightaway. Pawkiss 🙂

    • Oh thanks so much 🙂 and yes the scars can really leave a nasty taste in your mouth..and nature and animals are the best way to remember the beauty that sometimes we never saw or felt…humans can do a lot of damage to their kids…I think animals are like children in as they cannot speak up and defend themselves..no wonder so many adults who had crappy childhoods turn to animals ..it’s an empathy…glad you will be popping in..makes me happy 🙂 Hugs and loves Fozziemum xx

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