That leap into the unknown

So the New Year is upon us all and of course we tend to want to shake things up a bit.
I have been tossing some things around in my head and also with hubby about what I would like to do this year.
When my family gave me my camera for my 50th birthday I found myself all of a sudden in a state of renewed energy.

I don’t think they understand just how profound this gift was to me.
You see I have no trade or skills as such..i am a was and is my job, an unpaid and not really certificate worthy position.
My life since i was 21 has been about raising children to be well adjusted, happy and caring humans..and with great pride I can say I succeeded..they have all become adults I can be proud of.

In the process I lost myself..i found I was a wonderful cook..and not much I cannot do in the kitchen..i have so many cookbooks that it is almost bordering on obsession.
I can sew and I taught myself to knit and crochet and learnt all I could about gardening and growing vegetables..i have renovated decorated and designed.

So why all of a sudden do I find that I have not really picked up a cookbook for a long long time…
I have not had the urge to bake or bottle..i have still been gardening and to have a veggie garden again after so many years is wonderful..yet my heart is really pulling me elsewhere.

When I was given my camera I was given the gift of nature..i headed back out to what gave me solace as a child..
The world and her beauty, the animals the flora the landscapes.
I found a world of amazement was mine again..all it cost was time and patience and being in the right place at the right time.

The last 3 years I have climbed trees again..crawled on the ground..jumped fences..hidden in the bush and waited…I have found my inner child again and I know what I need to do.

You see I love to share what I see..i love that feeling of turning to people through my pictures and saying “Did you see that!”
I want people to be with me..and to feel the joy I feel.

I am no professional and I have no qualifications.I am not educated in the ways of Photography and I am still learning as I go, I have my battles with lighting and settings and more often than not I surprise myself at what images I get.

And so I procrastinate ..I want to do something that appeals to people and makes me a little cash..i have not worked for many years due to my health and this is one thing I can do that I can moderate according to how my body is behaving.
I procrastinate as there are far more talented people than I.
I procrastinate because even thinking like this has me feeling like a ‘fake’ not a real pro.
I procrastinate because basically I have not much faith in my ability to sell myself or my pictures.

The thing is I feel like I have to..i feel the need to not waste these images I have been so lucky to get, seems such a shame that they sit in my files and apart from posting them on blogs they do not see the light of day.
And so I am taking a leap into the unknown..i am asking for suggestions as to what would be a way to share these images.
What appeals to people ,what they would appreciate..urghhhh I put myself at everyone’s mercy.
I know I am wanting to work on a book for my nephew and niece and grandson.That is in the works.

So feel free to give me your thoughts..i take criticism well.. be honest I need some help as I am totally stuck at the moment!

I am off to go through some pics.i have files everywhere and they need some sorting!
I leave you with some recent adventures!








15 thoughts on “That leap into the unknown

      • yes it is as hard as the rock or the buns my mom made yesterday :o) to find a way to make some cents with things you like is like finding the right number of that lottery-thingy :o)

      • That it is Easy…but I think as long as I love what I do and can have people love it never is fun to think of sharing 🙂 and yes that lottery…well how nice we could all meet in the middle 🙂 loves Fozziemum xx

  1. I like to refer it as the ‘boredom of growing older’ I tend to go through these phases of finding a new passion and I do it for a year or so until I get bored and move onto the next one. It make like interesting though 🙂 Love your photo’s.

    • Hahaah yes I went through the boredom thing..:) this has become all consuming..funny even at my most exuberant with cooking it pales to glad you love the photos 🙂 I hope you get a good fix of Australia when you see them 🙂 xxx

  2. Your pictures are beautiful my friend! You almost feel like you are there with you. So clear, so vivid. It shows us Australia through YOUR eyes when some of us may never be able to see it in person. XOXO – Bacon

      • It would be cool if you could set up a little shop in town or something. Maybe decoupage some pictures on some wooden tables or something. That way it’s something people use and see your pictures all of the time. You’re awesome – your pictures need to be shared with the world ((HUGS)) XOXO – Bacon
        P.S. See I’ve been watching Martha Stewart on my television 🙂 Aren’t you proud?

  3. bev, a few linx for you to check out

    you have an amazing talent…please dont let it go to waste. You don’t “see” your own work as others do, just as a person who takes “random photos” does not “see” what you do when you capture a photo. does this make sense ?

    I know there are scores of photographers out there, yes many very very good, all vying for a job, a publication etc..

    it’s like bacon said, for those of us who may never afford the opportunity of seeing your country,…. thru your photographs…we CAN….therein lies your “niche” …Australia and all your country has to offer; from landscape to wildlife to its people and the cities and towns they live in….

    yes, you might offer a photo to sell and you may get turned away, but remember… took Theodore Geisel…aka Dr Seuss…almost 27 trys to finally get a publisher ta accept …Cat in the Hat…….you can damn betcha the 26 before who turned him down were kicking themselves in the ass…and look where the cat in the hat took him ~~~

    the possibilities are endless with a photo; it can be framed, put into book format, made into a calendar, a coffee mug,
    put on a shirt….etc.

    go for it my friend….yes, it’s going to be scary because when someone says : no….we take it personally to a degree; making US feel like were not up to “snuff”…but if that… no…. comes your way, you pick yourself up, brush yourself off
    and take your work elsewhere….besides, anyone who can live around snakes…….HAS to be …TOUGH !!



    • Laura thankyou 🙂 indeed I am a bit tough in most ways hahaa..indeed I am sure used to being knocked back…those are great jump off links for me 🙂 and I know what you mean..i try and see something different..maybe my childish attitude sees the same child like wonder:) I am going to make this year different and actually do what i know should be doing 🙂 things that bring me happiness and if that makes other happy too then even better 🙂 first thins first sort these images properly as they are in a very time consuming way at the moment and the nature waits for no computer 🙂 urghhh thank you again sweets 🙂 your advice is always appreciated 🙂 loves Bev xx

  4. there are also a lot of stock image agencies out there.. I bet you could get a portfolio together and submit images for them to sell on your behalf..

    • I have been looking into it Connie..i got waylaid while dealing with Forrest but once i finish this studifous hahhha then i will be having a good look..i am lucky to have the roos visit so often and so closely..they really are beautiful and i love to share them 🙂

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