Seeing Joy in the New Year

Hi everyone, I have not posted on this blog for awhile..i kind of realised when I saw the WordPress report πŸ™‚ less than flattering!

I wanted to share a day at the beach when we were away on holidays.
I was watching this family as they were in the water see this part of our country is beautiful but what you may not know is that up this far from about November until May the water can have dangerous little jellyfish called Irukandji..they are as small as the head of a match and they sting! so badly some people the beaches are either monitored and checked hourly by Surf lifesavers or you wear a stinger suit.
Vinegar is at all swimming areas for application if stung, but it is best to either suit up or swim within the monitored areas.
The water up this far can also have crocodiles..salties as we call them and there is no suit for that!
The water this day was 29C ..hardly cool but still refreshing with the movement and if you swam out a bit it was cooler.
So we had been for a swim and were watching the people in the water.

This scene I thought was beautiful..perhaps a first time swim in these waters and maybe a bit of apprehension, but this family held hands and braved the incoming waves.
To see the anticipation change to joy was wonderful..a family having a wonderful experience together at Christmas maybe far far from home but together they were all having what seemed to be a lot of fun.
I hope you get as much joy seeing their faces as I did..
This year maybe we all need to hold someones hand and help them brave a new experience!






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