Whimsical Winter

It is a surprise to some people in the Northern Hemisphere that we get cold down here in Australia..like the Northern countries we do get Winters..oh we don’t all have to wrangle snow to get out of our houses but we do get snow..and this season has seen huge dumps both in Victoria in our Alpine regions and also New South Wales..where I am situated it’s quite a drive to get to snowman making quantities of snow..the nearest mountain is only about 20 minutes away and I went there during the week and managed to enjoy a very light flurry of snow in very very blustery weather..it was divine…I love the snow..i love making snow angels and toboganning ..
This week has seen snow fall where it hasn’t before and the frosty mornings have been stunning (albeit a tad dangerous with my fall and all) this morning was -3C here.
To look out the glass doors and see the gossamer of winter covering the ground is somehow grounding..i think it’s the freshness..Summer is always somehow dusty and needing a good clean!
I am sad that so many plants are now frost bitten..the Jacaranda is burnt and the salvias finally gave up..after suffering all summer and now this they just let go..they may spring back..i don’t know..i do know that when I went out ..in correct footwear this time! that I spotted an iris…daring to rise above the frozen tundra and start to show it’s colors…the cycle is starting again….so here are some pictures of my whimsical winters day..i hope you like them ..

Gingermint struggling in the winter chill

Gingermint struggling in the winter chill


14 thoughts on “Whimsical Winter

    • It does look like icing sugar..very fairy like 🙂 and I do hope the roos don’t count because he sure had an itch today…as I drove past them they were having a lovely time at my neighbours..this morning was boxing down the front then out to the back and then up at my neighbours..following the sun puddles…:)

  1. Beautiful pictures my friend. I love the frost – you’ve captured it wonderfully. Early morning when the frost is out silently sitting on the ground is my favorite time to go in my backyard. I can hear the crunch-crunch sound under my hooves. The icy cold of the frost tickles my hooves unlike the green of the grass. Can’t wait for it to frost here again in the south! You brought such fond memories to me this morning. XOXO – Bacon

    • Aww thankyou my friend..i find it the best too..that crisp clean smell too…he promise of a great day..unless like me you take a tumble…oh dear…I am glad you had some lovely memories brought back for you 🙂 hugs and loves Fozziemum xx

  2. Beautiful photos Bev! I need to check with my friend, she lives in NSW and I am SURE she once told me she had never seen snow… maybe she was lucky this week!?
    Hugs, Carrie and pups x

    • Maybe she has seen some…it has been falling pretty low in Victoria and I think maybe NSW have had low falls too …hugs and loves Bev and thank you too for the compliments 🙂 ❤ ❤

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