Radiant heat thy name is Menopause the sisterhood of sweat

Ok I know this is a far cry from the usual fluffy and vibrant repartee I have on this blog but seriously this is a topic that bears to be thrown into the spotlight.

The post menopausal sweatfest…there I said it out loud Menopausal..
Ladies you know you want to talk about it….guys well..heads up this could be a real life saver.

Remember the old sex education talks we had at school or more awkwardly with our mothers..well I don’t recall any mention of the ass end of your reproductive life, maybe a brief snippet or two but nothing in great detail…

I can only assume this is because the teachers or parents were of the opinion that by the time you had wrangled your way through puberty and stumbled into adulthood you would have enough grit to be able to deal with your crumbling mid life bodies and their wayward behaviours.

I was very lucky to hit puberty at 11 …what a joy to behold..
That’s okay I dealt with it and bravely faced my new body with all the enthusiasm of a trip to the dentist. I mean I was a woman???? at 11 …hmmm
So onward and upward and seemingly outward I went.
Yes the hormones raged I was an emotional time bomb…tick tick..but I survived.
I had my first baby at 21 ..knew everything as only a 21 year old can, and in a rapid fire succession had three more children by the time I was 26 ..the last two were twins ..oh yes I am a fertile little minx indeed.

The years flew by like mud through a straw really…my life was nappies babies toddlers the whole disaster, I loved it!
All this time my hormones kicked up..PMS or Positively Maniacal She-devil made regular monthly visits..my poor hubby must have wondered what I had done with his wife…I went into rages , over nothing , then would bawl my eyes out for hours.
I had cramps and periods so bad that more than one occasion we had to scurry home as I was in big trouble..it was humiliating and frustrating and never ending.
All this and raising four small kids it’s a wonder I am not penning this post from prison!
By the time I reached 38 I had had enough..my life was dictated to me by my hormones and it was time they were given the foot up the ass they deserved.

Off to the gyno I went..well bless him he was 100 if he was a day sported a stunning bowtie had a huge smile and straight away I knew he was the go to guy! the appointment was brief he discussed the options and after some tests we agreed on a Hysterectomy…all I could think of was finally with a general anaesthetic I am guaranteed a decent damn sleep for once.

The day arrived and my Uterus and I were prepped and ready to go..i asked him to give it a swift kick when he removed it..he said it probably would be frowned upon..what a guy!
The surgery went well, my Ovaries where left so I would not go through a premature Menopause and I was home in a week with orders to rest.
My surgeon did say it looked like my Uterus had had a hard life…no kidding!

Did I miss my Uterus? NO..i never felt better no more moody moments, headaches reduced a bit, no more exhausting periods..bliss.and I could wear white pants with a devil may care attitude!

And then …..after a brief non hormonal life and after all my kids left home and finally hubby and I could have a quiet life of self indulgence…the sweatfest started.

Out of the blue at the age of 51 ..all of a sudden I was hot..boiling hot nearly all the time. I usually whinge about the cold but no not now..i was wondering what the hell was happening..i mean it wasn’t a flush it was all over dripping heat!
I saw my new GP who being a male decided that a vitamin would help…ah..no..next pot luck guess…he put me on HRT which I was loathe to do as my mum has had Breast Cancer..didn’t do a thing…this went on for an eternity..i couldn’t talk to someone without sweating and flushing…I looked like a criminal being interviewed over a felony!
The cats were drawn to my thermo nuclear radiating heat which only added to the sweating…no offence girls but you need to leave me the hell alone i’m melting here!

The final straw was one night where I got no sleep and I mean none, I was up peeing and sweating all night. Next day I just broke down in tears I was exhausted..i made an appointment with another Dr.
This time he did blood tests to rule out all sorts of things and hormone tests..came back I had already gone through Menopause a long time ago..well I didn’t know it when it happened so what’s with this part of the hormone journey! like I said I don’t recall this being in the ‘know your body’ chats!
He referred me to a gyno…all the personality of a piece of dried toast..and yes more HRT …a month of these and I was ready to take this guy out! it just made it much much worse.
I was supposed to go back and I never did.
I am sure that there is an assumption that pretty much after 50 who cares..deal with it but honestly ladies you know what I mean..and you might never talk about it to anyone, there has always been some weird stigma attached to menopause or post menopause..almost like it’s the opposite of the pride you were supposed to feel at hitting puberty and becoming a ‘woman’.
Granted a millennia ago we would have been eaten by a mountain lion by the time we reached about 25 so I suppose our new longevity poses problems..i suppose we can be grateful girls that we aren’t made to leave the tribe!

The sad thing is at this age we are at our best, we know what we want,we have our lives back from the clutches of little hands, and yet we are deemed not worthy of the best quality of life because it’s ‘just’ hormones.
I am typing this at 2.30 am…because I know when I get into bed it will be sweatfest 2014..flipping the pillow all night..bedcovers off/on off/on..it really does your tiny mind in!

I look at older women differently now..i always had respect but now it’s a new respect..these woman get to their 70’s and 80’s and all I can think is how did you do it…how did you get through this unspoken of pain in the ass phase of life…
I flick my slippers off..for the umpteenth time and whip off my dressing gown and fling it on the ground ..again..i seem to leave a trail of clothes behind me all the time now..i think I have a pimple coming up too which is awesome because it’s the one thing I missed out on during puberty…goody thought I had been forgotten by the Zit hormone..oh well I suppose at least it will be well hidden by the moustache I seem to be growing…

Seriously I can’t imagine why us women don’t openly talk about this …I mean it’s a beautiful thing isn’t it 😉


42 thoughts on “Radiant heat thy name is Menopause the sisterhood of sweat

  1. Oh, my dear…what a can of worms you just opened up. Seriously…can we talk??? The only time I don’t have power surges/personal toaster oven moments is when I get my period again which I also hate. There is not much talk about this time of our lives and doctors don’t even want to think about how hormones affect all sorts of things like mental health, skin, joints, memory…I could go on and on. But the bottom line is I’m with you sister…sweating sucks.

    • Here here!! not a moment goes by I am not ripping damn clothes off..we get ready to go out and I am flummoxed as to what to wear that can easily be discarded! and yes nobody wants to talk about it..imagine men having the same issue..instant cure bwahaaha! The Dr I have now is great and my daughter has recommended an acupuncturist/alternate therapies lady who I will be booking in to see..all else fails I am getting a swimming pool…drives me batty..! we need more education on this from a young age!

  2. Oh, I am so there with you Bev and yeah, know about the sweat thing too. Was 51 yesterday and had peri-menopause at 38. The worst is in this cold weather we’re both having I wake up with sweats at about 3 in the mornings and then switch the fan on. Poor Simba and hubby then lies and shiver while I feel I can go for a swim. At some stage I still swam in the mornings and everyone else thought I was crazy. Wish I could make them feel how hot I felt. 😀

    Then the headaches…pfffffttttt! Not worth talking about that either. hahahah. The one that says menopause is fun is crazy. LOL! Anyways, wishing you the best and letting you know you’re not alone. I don’t know if you know about MenoClove. I drink it and it really helps lessen the worst symptoms. I don’t get hot flashes anymore and no sweats during the day. It also helps for the meno-mood-swings. At this stage I just don’t feel like doing anything but that’s the depression. Getting older ain’t for sissies, that I can tell you. hahahahah

    Enjoy your day sweetness and know I’m thinking of you. 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥

    • Happy Birthday for yesterday my sweet ❤ ❤ ❤ and oh boy I am over it…a flush yes but all over heat is just an added joy! I have to be careful of the meds I take due to BP meds as well…another recent jocularity….any one who embraces the=is phase with joy has clearly suffered heat dementia …if I had a pool I would be in it like a rocket…all night all day..mannnnn sure builds character…homicidal bwahaha 🙂 have a great day sweets and the sisterhood of the sweats welcomes you ;0 loves and hugs Bex xxxx ❤

      • Thanks sweetness, although I don’t have any birthdays anymore. It’s like you said – it’s like we’re going downhill after 50 – feels like I’m 15 again – puberty and all those whatchamacallits – LOL!

        That is unfortunate indeed hon and I am sorry to hear that. I am fortunate enough to avoid doctors like the black plaque. hahaha

        You are more than welcome to come and jump in the pool at any time. I just wish those engineers would hurry up and finish our portal thingy so we can visit when we want and very quickly too – without flying and such. LOL!

        You have a great day too hon and thanks for the welcome. Glad to know there are lots of other ‘sisters’ in the same club. I don’t have any friends over here and don’t want any. I prefer my friends in my computer. 😀

        ♥ Love & Hugs ♥

      • Oh we need that Portal….the laughs..the tears…the sweats….we got it all happening! and yes I have been burnt by too many people in the real world..real…yeah right..so very discerning of friendships I form…and at this sweaty point of my life I think that most people are better off being kept away from me bwahahaahahaha 🙂 love and huggies bev xxx ❤

      • Absolutely and the same here hon. They don’t want to mess with us when we sweat. hahahahah

        ♥ Big Hugs ♥

      • Nup not a good idea…my patience and sweat tolerance scale has slightly tipped to the danger zone bwahaahaha : ❤ Big sweaty hugs ❤

      • Oh yes, I felt for the poor thing as well and wanted to kill those people for sure. 😆

      • Bwhahahahahah! You can say that again. Let’s make pea soup then as there’s no lemons and tequila. LOL!

      • Urghhhh I have been reuced after my days pic jaunt to watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory….mmmmm chocky….mmmmmm 😉 hugs BEV XX ❤

      • Only because they can be so jealous … hahahahaha!
        But I told him it’s okay. I won’t ever trade him in for JD. I’ll just take JD as a side-dish. hahahaha. He wasn’t pleased. Men! Pfffttt! 😆

  3. Mommy has kicked me off of my laptop for this one. This is way beyond this piggy – XOXO – Bacon
    Hey, Bacon’s mom here. I so hear you! No one wants to tell you what a kick in the pants this menopause crap is. There are days that I don’t know if I’m sweating to the death in a sauna or freezing to death at the North Pole. AND it can change in a dime – one moment hot then cold then hot then cold – you know. My poor husband. I asked him one day did he know what the worse thing was about menopause? You know what the goober said? The complaining. Yeah he ducked when I threw my shoe at him. He’s fast for an old man. It seems that there is no happy medium… at least for years to come. We have each other and that’s a good thing. At least we can relate to each other. Oh, and maybe I need to send you a tank top like my crazy husband got me. It says PMS on it. Underneath it, it says “Prepare to Meet Satan”. Wiseass. Snorts. Love ya, Junebug

    • June so glad Bacon was sent from the room…really is enough to sedan piggie packing bwahahaha..I know wiseass indeed..or incredibly sure footed and able to flee in a hurry bwahaha..it’s such a damn pain in the ass..tiring for sure..and then some random person will just look at you sideways and I hear the theme to Psycho on my head and think seriousl…you need to run this woman’s gunna blow!! and the sheet duvet shuffle all night …mannnnnn,,,and yes we can get each other perfectly..sadly so many girls won’t say anything for fear of the perception it’s all in the head…wish it was…off with the head then bwahahahah oh I love the tank top…did he throw it at you from a great distance hahahaha…the worst thing is I miss me…you know happy carefree non sweaty me 😉 I shut the computer down last night because I was sweating for Australia and so behind in blogs and things I wanted to do..so annoying…bet the solution is found when the first man goes through it! there will be paid leave ..a national holiday..compensation..hahahhaah I always joke to Phil that men get older and distinguished ..women just need to be extingused 🙂 hugs and loves ya Bev xx

      • Oh that is so true. All of this and just being so dang tired all of the time with absolutely no energy. I asked Jim and Bacon why they have to eat everyday cause I’m so tired of cooking. LOL. And I am so totally with you with just one person saying something stupid that makes you want to go psycho on their butt. Working with 30 guys that act like babies doesn’t help. Snorts. XOXO – Bacon

      • Oh they would so be asking for it!! it’s hard enough to drag our sorry asses around….that’s why the stuff I have been dealing with at CWA has been a nightmare..i am over dealing with petty politics..and these are women !! bwahahhaah 🙂 and I agree do they have to eat every day…sometimes Phil gets home from work and I feel like I have toddlers again…4 kitties two pups all so needy which is not their fault at all..but some days I am exhausted and not in the mood for the chaos bwahhaah! another sleepless sweaty night last night and I have all the get up and go of a potato 😉 urggghhhhh 30 guys….well all I can say is there are 30 targets…right there…hahahah hUgs Bev xxx

  4. Now my dream about outfoxing the menopause-devil via hysterectomy, bursted. I thought I can skip this part of my life while removing the “interior decoration”. My mom (Easy’s granny) had to bear the full monty for 7 years, I hope the saying “like mother,like daughter” isn’t true at least for that thingy… Send you a big hug, why only girls have to go through all those things? That’s not really equality :o)

    • Yep always seems like a good idea Katherine..7 years of sweating…arggghhhhh..my mum never had a problem and only recently she made the mistake of telling me my grandma her mum still had them at…..99.9 when she died!!! ARGHHHH…this gave me no joy for sure!! girls get all the crap stuff I think! I would stock up on ice blocks now I think if I was you …just in case 😉 the poor kitties think I am mean but the heat is a shocker…they of course think I am some new heating bed bwahahahah 😉 equality indeed alludes us girls 😉 hugs Bev xx

      • It was a yay for me..i had hideous periods that would appear t the shops..down to the knees in my jeans..no control..arghhhhhi had terrible migraines..shitty moods and basically felt human for about a week every month…I had no problems with the op..was up and out of bed that day..home in a week no heavy lifting for a month and don’t regret it at all…I had Endometriosis so it would have gotten worse..they left my ovaries to avoid what I am now going through…so until now alls been fine 🙂

      • I’m still pondering about. Specially the migraine-devil attacks me like crazy sometimes. But I’m sadly a chicken and our doc told me horrible stories about bladder weakness, weight problems and whatnot. (seems he isn’t a fan of that procedure).

      • I agree there are always risks..i didn’t gain any weight because still having my ovaries my hormones didn’t change (until now) my bladder is no weaker than it ever was after having four kids..especially the last being twins..i honestly had no problems for years and years..only now but that is age related …you can always ask to see a gyno and discuss the options..i have had a lot of friends who had the same thing done and swear by it. I still get an odd migraine now..but compared to the ones that had me crawling on the floor almost blind looking for the phone to call the dr..they are nothing.

      • I will talk with the new doc we have. At least it’s an option to make it a little better. And if it is good for me, then I hope she will give the bad thingy a kick too :o)

      • Nothing to lose my friend …if you could get a better quality of life then it would be wonderful…I am contemplating having my ovaries removed…my mums sister died from ovarian cancer and if I am already having hot sweats then it won’t make any difference except stop my chance of getting ovarian cancer…my mum also had breast cancer so I think it may be time to say bye be and kick the ovaries as well!! 🙂

      • Yep..the idiot gyno I saw said no you have no more chance than any one else..hmmm then said oh I can’t give you this drug for the sweats because of your cancer history…idiot…. bwahhaahhah

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