The things that tickled my fancy today

This Orange Syzigium…..I know I know..Orange Twist as it is commonly known is the only one of a couple of hundred dollars worth of ‘drought tolerant’…brothers that survived..still struggling and should be about two foot taller than this..but it’s hanging in has recently flowered and is attracting bees, ants,hoverflies,ladybugs and my attention!

Orange Syzigium

Orange Syzigium

I decided while Phil was working on the fence with the pups, that I would head half an hours drive in search of the best Hot jam Donuts I ever had…they don’t operate on hot weekends and we missed them two weeks when I saw the Facebook post that this weekend they were up and running..well so was I…..

Hot Jam Donuts...

Hot Jam Donuts…

I was so excited that when I spoke to the people who were in the van they were more than happy to let me snap away..i even got an invite in to the van…hilarious…I love the generosity of people..


My favourite van

My favourite van

Peeking in the window

Peeking in the window

Chris the donut master

Chris the donut master

I really do love my donuts….




Please stop me....

Please stop me….

I Thanked my donut making friends and walked to my car..i popped them safely inside to take home and then sat by the lake for a while…I love that a couple of people and a bag of bread caused such a flap!!


Getting in a flap over the bread

Getting in a flap over the bread

And that was my day…I went home made a cuppa and Phil and I shared the donuts and even the pups got a nibble…all in all a lovely day 🙂


6 thoughts on “The things that tickled my fancy today

  1. What a lovely day that was! Those donuts looks delicious! You’ve captured this day perfectly and so beautifullly Bev. Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥

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