Beehive Goldmine

The weekend past we decided to get out of the house.. the weather was milder and we were in danger of getting Cabin Fever.

Not wanting to be far from home due to fire risks is would be alright if you could achieve something outside but the heat is prohibitive.. any land work just insanity!

In a neighbouring town they hold every year an Antique Fair..  a lot of stalls look like people have backed up a truck to their rubbish but some hold real gems.. for me the real gems are old cookware and plates ..any old farm items.. barrels milk tins etc ..not jewels or gems.

We headed off and the weather was so mild.. but boy it heated up again .. we took the route that has the most  interesting things to see, not that we don’t have plenty of good things to see around here ..the history of our area being a town and towns springing up from the goldrush days….yes we most likely have gold somewhere on our property but unless we start blowing it up with dynamite it shall remain a hidden treasure.

We live on a rock ridge.. quartz and shale and granite being our less than arable ground.

So we photo-stopped….all the way there and yelling at hubby to pull over whenever the mood took me…like a rally driver with a less than organised navigator!

This picture is of the our past as a goldmining area…this old dredge is all that remains of one mans mission and relative success at gold mining.

In town we took a walk up to the Beehive Chimney.. the chimney also was a relic from the mining days.. named by Cornish workers after a swarm of bees that were on a nearby post the 30 meter chimney served as a steam vent from 1863 to 1918 when operations ceased…the whole area would have been alive with people and how I would love to have been there then!

Finally we got to the market ..the town of course full of people..old cars everywhere see Castlemaine which is not far away and close to my own town is the Hot Rod Capital of Victoria , so occasions like this have everyone bringing their old classics out!

We did have fun in town, we saw some great old wares had  a wonderful coffee a nice stroll and a delicious but very quickly melting chocolate icecream…and I got to pat some very pretty Donkeys…all in all Cabin Fever averted…for awhile 🙂


20 thoughts on “Beehive Goldmine

  1. What fabulous photos and thank you for sharing some of the history of where you live- all new to me! My travels from my kitchen table! Glad it has cooled off enough for you to get out 🙂

  2. Many thanks that I can discover so much interesting things together with you :o) Do you think we could repair the old dredge ( I mean maybe a pro could try it, not my DIY-staff LOL) and then we could ring in a new goldrush?

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