First Impressions and a new life

This is the first time Forrest and Doc saw their new was my 50th birthday too.

It was a three hour trip me with the boys and the four girls in their cages..Hubby in the truck with some of our worldly goods…and all the animals things..He would trek back and forth and get the sheep separately.

I wonder what they thought as we sat and waited for hubby to collect the keys from the Real Estate Agent…I know they went nuts about five minutes after this a mob of roos went hopping past!

I wonder, as when hubby arrived and we opened the doors for the first time as the owners,whether they thought this was a day trip..we got the girls into the bathroom with their beds and trays and food and water..with doors opening all the time it was the best move!

The boys took it all in…sniffed everyroom..checked every nook and cranny..their beds were put down ..their bowls and some snacks..

We went for a walk…the sniffs had them in overload…and as hubby and our sons headed off again to get the sheepies, a long round trip, I sat on the wooden floor with a radio and talked to the pups..i laid on their beds as the time went on and it got darker..i wonder if they thought it was just a long outing…

They have never been back..the house we had held some great memories.

My kids had 18th’s 21st’s a going away party when our daughter left for New York, we had huge family xmas’s ,birthdays,i had so many foster kittens I cannot count, it was our first home, we gutted bathrooms bedrooms and built fencing and shedding and veggie gardens. We laughed we debated we decided on the small and the big things.

It also held bad memories.

We lost two sheep Basil and Rosemary to dog attack, we lost chickens to foxes, we lost Simba our beautiful cat to a gunshot and said goodbye to Squash our 17 year old ginger girl kitty, we said goodbye to Merlin my special panther kitty to feline aids, we had family problems and a separation from a much loved son which almost killed my spirit..

We sold mainly because we wanted our animals to be safe..i feared my pups getting shot so I would never leave them outside anymore when I went out….so we waited a year after Simba died and the pain was still there..we made the decision..and here we are..

I wonder if the pups ever think of their old home…they are so happy much room so many things to sniff,rabbit burrows to inspect, a dam to swim neighbours close by to be heard yelling and screaming at each other…

I wonder…and I hope …they only think of here and now…


14 thoughts on “First Impressions and a new life

  1. What a beautiful post- sad, but also hopeful & uplifting. I hope you enjoy many years in your new home. I think dogs live very much in the present,as long as they are with the people they love and feel safe. Much happiness to you and your wonderful family.

  2. What a great new adventure it must be for them Bev and for you and on your birthday too! May there be many, many more hon and I know you will enjoy the new home just as much as the pups will. Love the photo. 😀 *big hugs*

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