I found these pictures I took last year, we had been to the local Castlemaine State Festival, a wonderful day filled with colour music children and families ..all the streets blocked off and a huge array of artisan craftsmen and women food fun and life.

On the way home after seeing so much beauty, we took the road that runs along the railway and this is what we saw .

Hubby said he had admired this car for weeks, the owner had restored it and it was beautiful. It had been purple glossy  and all details honestly and lovingly fitted out.

For whatever reason, and you can hypothesise, it had been burnt out….whoever did this meant was totally destroyed beyond repair.. the heat must have been tremendous and the grasses alongside had clearly caught fire too…I asked hubby to pull over so I could take some pictures…not to be voyeuristic, more to capture the contrast of the ugliness of vandalism and the beauty of the redbrick building that luckily remained fire free…not all pictures are meant to be beautiful I think some have more to offer in the form of making you think and wonder at a particular moment in time or an event captured in the off chance.




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