I always seem attracted to the finer things in life and by fine I mean the fine details that seem to disappear in the bigger picture.

Sometimes when we look around we see the whole scene , the streets as a whole, the forest as a whole even people as a whole.

I see things differently I always have. I think when you spend your childhood looking down and finding quiet places to blur out the sounds of anger and the feeling of inadequacy and fear, you learn to focus.. focus on anything that can take you to a different place ..many a time a ladybug, a leaf or even a piece of gritty dirt offered me a chance to let my mind find solace. I thank those finer things in life for allowing the adult I am now to enjoy these moments and to see that imagination is the greatest gift we can have , I may never have become what I dreamed I could be back then but I am who I am and that’s just fine by me.

Stop today and see the finer things in your life.. you may just surprise yourself.








  1. I know the feeling just too well and know what you mean and it sure is great to be able to see everything around you like that. These are just stunning shots Bev and that little bird is so adorable! Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *hugs*

    • Thanks so much is great to have that advantage in life ..a lot of people miss out I think..and bless him isn’t he sweet..his little eyes when he looks at you are so intense he looks cross eyed! Hugs Bev 🙂

      • It sure is and I agree Bev. Some go through life so fast and never think to just stop and look around. It is sad and that is why we are blessed. He truly is Bev. So adorable! 😀 *hugs*

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