Yesterday I posted a picture of my doggies eye and the reflection within of his view from the porch, thankyou to everyone who felt as amazed as I was a lucky image.. the lens was really not the right one to use and it was pure luck.

When I was going through some pictures I took last week I found another image.. this image is of an abandoned train carriage , and as I zoomed in I saw again the image within the picture.

I felt like an intruder and I was both saddened and shocked….my idea of a beautiful image of a carriage that had served it’s purpose and no longer had a place in this time appears in fact to be very much needed and still serving a purpose…it was bedding..or what I believe is bedding lying in the open box cart.

I am happy this train carriage is still of use though the purpose it serves saddens may just be that someone passing through needed it, it may have been a place where children have been having an imaginary game , or it may be a shelter for someone who has  fallen on hard times..i will never know , but I do know that both the carriage and the moment will now be preserved even if it is on my computer.



  1. Such a beautiful shot Bev and yes, the thought of someone not having a home is sad indeed. Lovely post hon. 😀 *hugs*

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