I have been thinking of the different seasons and the creatures who arrive to spend that season with us. Although it is Summer when Spring arrived it had all the reptilian creatures arriving to charge their solar panels and ready themselves for the summer.. along with the Echidnas the spring sees the arrival of Stumpy Tail Lizards… or Bob Tails as some Australians call them. Wonderful creatures whose rear ends look like their front to trick predators…they are a welcome garden visitor as they eat snails and other small critters.. we have to move them regularly as they would not fair well with the cats and we move them down near the dam where there is abundant food and water for them. This was the first Stumpy I saw when Spring arrived…he had poked out from a bush as I walked the dogs (on lead) and so I finished up my walk and went back by myself with the camera and he was still sunning himself.


30 thoughts on “THINKING OF SPRING

  1. beautiful colors and we have nothing like that here-thank goodness-would scare this old lady to come up on him unexpectedly.

    • Haahaah yes they have varied colorings too..pale lemon gold etc..this guy was gold..i enhanced his colors a bit because the lighting behind me didn’t do him justice..and I was on the ground behind bushes hahaha..I get a start as I first think snake! he has a brilliant Blue tongue πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Little Binky! he was well hidden and almost escaped my notice …until the pups told me he was there πŸ™‚ I was so pleased he hung around for me to come back and watch him…:) huggies Fozziemum xx

  2. I have had a couple of dreams which starred this particular lizard except it was all black both times. do you know it’s name?
    I hope you are O.K. with the fires down your way. Wishing you cooler temperatures and rain.
    When I was a kid, I had a lizard similar to this one. I think it was a Cunningham Skink.

    • How bizarre πŸ™‚ this is a Stumpy tail lizard or bob tail..they veary in color markings..pale lemon gold brownish..they are wonderful guys…live for about 20 or so years have one partner for life they meet up with each season and give birth to a huge baby!! in comparison it would be like us giving birth to a three year old!!! OUCH…we are safe from fires here at the moment and fires in our state are under control at the moment! cooler temps than goodness because the last week was appalling..hovering around 45 day after day.

      • Thanks for that I do remember them now. I’ve also seen nature shows where they show a mate staying for days by the side of the road where it’s partner was killed. They are so primitive but deliberate and beautiful.

        Glad the fires around your way are coming under control. It’s so scary when they are around.

      • I know it’s so sad poor darlings….and I love how prehistoric reptiles are..perfectly designed for the land unlike us πŸ˜‰ hubby and I went to Far North Queensland and saw the crocs in the wild..the tour didn’t feed them to get their attention just cruised up and down the river..what a wonderful animal they are too! I must pop some pics up as they really are interesting animals! And I agree about the fires….we had a few close ones but small and the guys got onto them very quickly..rotten time of year.

    • You would be most welcome a reptile.even our dangerous snakes are quite beautiful…not that i wish to see one this season ..seems we are lucky so far! Thankyou for the lovely compliment I shall pass it on to him if we cross paths again πŸ˜‰ hugs Bev

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