This year apart from a sighting just down the road, we have not had a visit from Eddie or Edwina or Al the Echidnas.

I miss them.. they would arrive and take a stroll around the property searching for ants and termites and they had nothing to fear here as we don’t allow the pets to harass wildlife.

Since the 8 acres next door has had an area cleared for a house we have not seen them. There is no work happening next door.. but the trees are down in a big area and I am sure the Echidnas don’t like traversing across such bare spaces of land ..it just shows how fragile our environment is I suppose and how even the smallest change can affect the wildlife that lives within.

Amazing strength in those claws….

And the beak is a wonderful holder for a lovely long tongue designed to get ants….

I do hope they return….


23 thoughts on “MISSING MY MONOTREME

  1. Oh I hope they come back. But sadly often we humans displace animals when we try to make the nature “better”. Same happened here with the cranes what lived on a meadow till they built a parking area there. Echidnas are fabulous! Maybe they would like to visit my back yard too, we have an ant-overopulation here :o)

    • Easy I agree..i saw all the trees coming down and worried..we have had more birds here but I wonder about the Echidnas as they are very territorial..perhaps the one just down the road is Eddie and he lives further down now…perhaps he is on his way to your crib in search of ants!! 🙂

    • I do too Andrea..i am sure they have simply moved to a different part of the property and surrounds ,they have quite a big territory around 50 hectares so fingers crossed 🙂

  2. Great photos! I love my echidnas too. They pop up everynow and then. Heaps of territory and termites for them here. I feel glad you say they are territorial as I get nervous thinking of them wandering onto roads or other places.
    Whenever I see mine waddling and snuffling around, so cute, makes me want to pick them up and cuddle them. but close inspection of the spines makes me dubious.

    • Yep those spines are sharp! and the moment you try to move them as we do if they get close to the house yard (so the pets don’t hassle them) they dig in and you just can’t get them out!! so strong..they do get on the roads though and I have rescued several from the road..they try and dig into the asphalt poor things..and yep the waddling along is soooo cute 🙂 they range up to 50 hectares so maybe they just found another part to hang out 🙂 thanks so much for the compliments on the pics 🙂

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