I am standing on the verandah

The breeze is warm it is bringing with it a hint of the summer to come

Chimes are tinkling and adding a soft but unnatural sound to the night

I can see the silhouettes of the gum trees,  black trunks firmly anchored in the rocky ground

The frogs are quiet tonight no calling out no singing

Looking up I am drawn to the moon, it is so close to full but still the edge is slightly jagged

Clouds are passing it, but when they become sparse the moon shines through

A rusty blue tinge surrounds it, yet the moons surface is crystal clear

I am temporarily annoyed when the clouds again cover her

Tinkling becomes louder the breeze has grown stronger

The tops of the gumtrees look surreal almost like a stencil

Swaying in the breeze the tops are lacey and featherlike nothing like their daytime appearance

The moon is back and again I am transfixed, this moon I have loved for all my life

This moon that has taken my mind and soul with it on so many journeys

I am always drawn to her and I always will be

The trees are creaking now their branches rubbing against each other the breeze is strong

I have one last look at my moon , knowing she will be there tomorrow as she always has been, I say goodnight

Seen by the whole world by every creature that lives on our planet I still feel she is my moon


11 thoughts on “MY MOON

  1. Aaaw that’s beautiful my friend – really beautiful. I can feel the winds, hear the sounds and see that beautiful moon when I close my eyes so tight. XOXO – Bacon

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